Privacy Policy

All personal data made available to the Provider is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic and EU legislation (hereinafter “Legislation”). The Privacy Policy does not apply to the third party practices, including websites, services and applications (hereinafter “Third Party Services”) to which you were granted access through an advertisement placed in the Mobile Application.

The Company GROOP CZ s.r.o. will only be collecting the Personal data you will provide, i.e. username and e-mail address.

Your personal data may be passed on to a third party cooperating with the Operator in a situation, that you will decide to compete for prices given to competition by this third party. Your personal data will not be passed on to these third parties without prior notice.
The Operator warns, that third party may use your personal data as follows:
- contacting to award price in the competition,
- offering content, services, games and other products and services,
- offering participation in product and service surveys,
- sending news and newsletters, exclusive offers, promotional materials and targeted advertisement.

You have the right to obtain from the Operator a confirmation that personal data is processed or not and further:
• to obtain access to personal data and information about:
  - purpose of processing,
  - categories of personal data concerned,
  - recipient or categories of recipients to whom personal data has been of will be made available, especially in the case of recipients from third countries outside the EU and international organizations,
  - planned time for storing personal data and in the case of its uncertainty about criteria used to determinate this time,
  - the existence of the right to demand from the company GROOP CZ s.r.o. correction or deletion of personal data or limitation of its processing or bring up objection against this processing,
  - the fact that it comes about automated decision making, including profiling, and at least in such cases to obtain meaningful information concerning used process, as well as the significance and presumed consequences of such processing for the data subject and appropriate guarantees concerning transfer if the personal data were transferred to a third country outside EU or international organization,

• to not to be the subject of decision based on solely automated processing, including profiling which would have legal effects for you or would significantly affect you in analogous way, except for cases when the decision would be based on your explicit consent,
• to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the member state of your habitual residence, place of employment or place where alleged violation occurred if you believe that processing of personal data leads to violation of legal rules, as well as of the right of the effective judicial protection against binding decision of the supervisory authority,
• to obtain compensation from the Operator for caused damage if you suffer material or non-material damage in consequence of violation of law,
• to request a copy of processed personal data, even in electronic form,
• to request correction of personal data without any delay and its completion in the case of incompleteness, including providing of additional declaration,
• to request deletion of personal data without any delay if
  - the data is not useful for the purposes for which they were gathered,
  - you cancel the consent and there is no other legal ground for their processing,
  - the personal data were processed illegally,
  - the personal data must be deleted to fulfilment of legal obligation according to legal rules,
  - to get personal data in structured, common used and machine-readable format,
  - to pass the personal data on to the other personal data administrator without obstacles, even though the company GROOP CZ s.r.o, if it is technically possible,

• to demand limitation of processing of personal data if:
  - you deny their accuracy, and for the time necessary to verify their accuracy,
  - the processing is illegal and instead of deletion of the personal data you ask for limitation of their use,
  - the company GROOP CZ s.r.o. does not need the personal data for the purpose of processing yet, but it demands them for determination, execution or defence of legal claims,
  - you make a protest about their processing, until the verification of whether legal claims of the company GROOP CZ s.r.o. prevail over the legal claims on your side,

• you have the right to make a protest about processing of the personal data at any time, including potential profiling, for reasons concerning your particular situation. The right to make a protest from the reasons concerning your particular situation belongs to you even in the case of processing the personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, including possible profiling related.

The Operator does not intend to pass the personal data on to the third countries or international organization. If the reason for the processing of the personal data does not expire, the period of storage of the personal data is unlimited.
The Company further states, that there is no automatic decision making in the terms of law.
The Company is entitled to pursue profiling to evaluate some of your personal aspects for direct marketing purposes. Profiling will result in an improvement in the focus of marketing communication and offers to be better drawn up and focused on your preferences and other personal aspects. The used profiling method will be the analysis of the participation in the Game.
If you want to update any of your personal data, for example if you have changed your e-mail address, you wish to ask for a correction of any obsolete or incorrect personal data, you don’t wish to receive information of particular product or service, please contact us as described below. You may also ask us for a copy of your personal data we have about you and of information of processing this data.

In case of any questions or comments regarding the protection of personal data, please write to the contact address of the Operator or send an e-mail to